Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Help, my baby rolls all around in cot!?

My baby is 4 months old and now in cot however keeps rolling backwards and forwards and hitting head, getting feet stuck in bars and waking all the time, ive seen you can buy safe t sleep but don't like the look of them, also there is anti roll pillow but not deemed safe in uk, also cot bumpers are not advised till 1. however i know you can buy something to make cot smaller, which is also used when baby sleeps in mum/dads bed . Does any one know what they are called. or does anyone know how i can minimise the head bashing and legs stuck?? thanks|||look at this

http://www.johnstonprams.co.uk/item1215.鈥?/a>|||you can use a cot bumper up to the age of one, well i did and just tucked it in under the matress and as for getting feet stuck try and get a sleeping bag.

or you could get this


hope this helps you and i would defently use a bumper just tuck it in

xxx|||We had a similar issue - we use breathable baby bumpers. They are mesh, keep the little hands %26amp; feet in the crib . . . but are completely breathable so the baby cannot suffocate if s/he pushes their face against it.

http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/prod鈥?/a>|||ok, cot bumpers can be used up the age of 6 months but must be removed when baby starts sitting up.i know youre worried, but seriously, there probably isnt anything you can do stop your baby rolling round the cot - thats what they do!bubs will learn soon enough - relax!|||My baby did the same when she was that age..and i was worried sick...kept checking her every few minutes. But then I started to sleep my baby in a sleeping bag...and that helped loads. after that she slept a lot better and because her legs were contained within the sleeping bag...she didnt get as stuck or move as much. Why not try sleeping ur baby in a sleeping bag too.|||Why don't you get a breathable bumper? It's a bumper that protects them from the bars but it has little holes in it so they can't suffocate. It comes in different colors, doesn't look bad, and I couldn't live without mine!|||Like others said, get a breathable bumper bad. That would help getting arms and legs from getting stuck.

Please don't use anything else that keeps them in a smaller section of the crib or anything soft/fluffy.|||http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp鈥?/a>

^^Something like that may help. It's like a bumper but a mesh material so your baby will still get air circulation.|||Mesh bumpers helped with this issue a lot for us:

http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp鈥?/a>|||You could try a travel bed w/mesh sides. This way baby's head, feet, etc. would only push against very soft mesh sides.|||around the WAS remodel|||Try velcro pyjamas.

Cot safety for a moving baby??

My 7 week old daughter moves around a lot in her cot. She does not roll yet but somehow manages to move from a vertical position to a completely horizontal position in her cot. So in doing that she always ends up right against the bottom end of her cot and quite often hits her head on the bars or end of the cot.

Are there any good products or ideas that may make the cot a bit softer. I don't want to use a bumper for SIDS reasons.

I have tried putting an anti roll thing on either side of her but she just moves that with her.|||My son would rotate in his crib as well. There isn't really much you can do to stop her though. Chances are being up against the bars doesn't bother her. One option is to just let her be.

Of course, you wouldn't ask this if you were comfortable with that. Another option could be to get a mesh type bumper for the crib. They allow airflow yet protect as well. http://www.inventiveparent.com/cgi-bin/s鈥?/a>

It sounds like she is just an active baby. Good luck with what ever you decide.

What is the anti roll bar in a car for?

what it says.

car body rolls when cornering.

this prevents it from rolling/ leaning so much.|||It prevents the car from leaning to the side in a corner.|||To stop excessive roll when you are cornering.|||It improves handling and reduces body roll for better tire control.|||Good - Stops the car from leaning around corners. Keeps the car flatter.

Bad - To stiff and the front/rear tires can loose traction all of a sudden while cornering hard....unless you know to expect it this can be very bad for a average boring inexperienced driver.|||it helps prevent the vehicle from collapsing under its own weight during a rollover accident.|||they use it in races to reduce weight in the car and to stop a car from collapsing under it's own weight when it is in a rolling accident.


Is this smart? trading a newer car for an older car?

i'm thinking of trading my 08 Nissan Sentra for an 06 BMW M3 E46.they are both modified (M3 is heavily modified) but the bmw has 2k more miles on the engine than the sentra. should i keep the car i have or trade it? it's a close friend im trading with so i'll still see my sentra if i do trade. here is list of mods if interested.


Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake

Speed Limit Defencer

Super SQV Racing Single Valve

3 1/2 " Body Straight Tube glasspack (exhaust)

enkei LF-10 18" rims

SFR turbo kit

alcohol injector

R1 series carbon fiber hood

pulse style full bodykit

M3 E46-

Eibach lowering kit

EIbach anti-roll kit

Eibach Sway Bar Kit

AEM methanol injection kit

Magnaflow Exhaust System

MSD Ignition Amplifier

Mallory Performance Ignition Kit

CO2 Installation Kit

HKS GT Supercharger Kit

enkei GW8 17"rims

AE072-01 executive front bumper

R-1 executive Rear Bumper

GTR Bonnet with Carbon Vents

VIS Racing Euro Tech Style Side Skirts

vfiber frp fender flares

Carbon Fiber Dive Planes|||I think you need to figure out why anybody would give up the much superior BMW for a lowly Nissan. The Sentra (in any trim) is nothing more than an entry level car. The BMW M3 is one of the best high performance German engineered sport sedan in the world. All the mods on the planet can't make that Nissan half the car the M3 is.

From your perspective it would be a great move. If you can talk someone with an M3 into giving it up for your Sentra you're a lucky man.

There has to be some hidden issues with the M3. No sane person would ever consider that move.|||keep your own better the one you no than the one you dont and you no how and who and when all your mods was done and you can go back if you have a problem i recon you swap thats your freindship gone as it never works out i always go by two rules that is never sell a family member and never sell to a freind as their is always problems if you value your freindship dont swap|||ONLY IF ITS TOYOTA!!!!! ALL OTHER BREAK DOWN!!!! DODGE NISSAN CHEVROLE FORD INFINITI KIA BMW HYUNDAI ALL BREAK DOWN!!!! PLZ BUY TOYOTA ONLY!!! THANKS!!!|||It's all about what you want. Sentra and BMW aren't even in the same class. So, you're not really trading it down, you're trading up even though BMW is older. As a BMW owner, there is no other car that comes close to matching precision and handling that BMW has to offer. In your case, it all comes down to cost, how much are you willing pay to get the BMW.

What are some good performance parts for a 2008 Rabbit? (USA version)?

What are the things you can do to a 2008 rabbit 5 speed?

money is not an issue i want to know the best parts money can buy.

It has a 2.5 Liter 170HP, 177 torque.

What are some good websites that could that are for VW rabbit owners?

What are some Good tuner brands for VW and specifically 2008 rabbit?

I want to have the following performance parts for my 2008 rabbit but dont know which are the best money can buy.

I want:




light weight pulley kit

light weight flywheel

spark plugs

Performance chip that can remove limiter and add some hp.

some sort of forced induction

pistons with higher compression ratio

suspension, anti roll bars etc.

also i want to take off like about 200 pounds off the car and if anybody knows how i can do to turn of the headlights at will, there always on 24/7, daytime runnings light.

thanks for the info ppl!|||Check out VWVortex 2.5l Forum.


There are somethings that you want that you won't get. It's upsetting I know.

But what's more upsetting is I bought my Rabbit a little less than a year ago and you have close to 20HP more than me.

Depending on where you live, you can hit a good VW tuning shop up for some help, maybe even get your parts custom made if money isn't a problem.|||IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN|||Umm your best bet if "money is not an issue." Then I would suggest just buying a 08' GTI. If you are looking for good tuning then I believe you will be much more satisfied with the performance upgrades to the 2.0t FSI. If you are really hell bent on doing upgrades to the Rabbit (which doesn't make much sense to me but w/e.) Then as said the VWvortex 2.5L would be your best bet as for information.|||man thats a great choice apexi makes alot of stuff like fuel injectors valve springs fuel pump even clutch masters makes a stage 1 2 3 cluthces skunk 2 makes an intake manifold dont know of a header but id check out dc sports, they also have connectin rods avaliable well hope this helps

Do I have any legal recourse on broken car?

I bought a new taxi in 2007 and have had nothing but trouble with it from day one.

The list of breakdowns is far too long to list here and most cannot believe it like I am only joking.

The list includes 5 clutches, 3 fuel pumps, 3 anti roll bars etc etc. Everyone agrees that the quality of the replacement parts are of such a poor quality that they can only last a very short period of time. Although most parts are covered by a 12 month warranty, I keep having to have several days off at a Time which is costing me hundreds of pounds a day.

Neither the supplier or the manufacturer are interested in the problem.

Is there any way that I can insist they buy the car back on the basis of it not being made man enough for the job of taxi ? ( it was supplied as a taxi for that use )|||How long was the manufacturer's warranty for? You should have taken action by now, you would have had strong rights against the seller first of all, but your case is weakened by the passage of time.

The taxi had to be supplied in a condition fit for its purpose. Citizens Advice Bureau might help.|||God it makes you sick when this happens. Have a look at the links

as this maybe able to put your in the right direction.




Removing A/C from 1994 325i, cons, problems, difficulties, whats the best way?

I have a 1994 bmw 325i convertible, that has already been modified by racing dynamics, including adjustable suspension and anti-roll bars, engine bay tower struts, and racing exhaust. As far as i can tell the m50tu engine is completely stock. It handles like a dream, but i've always found it to be a little lacking in the get-up-and-go department (which really didn't bother me much till one day i tried to pass a semi on a slightly hilly road and couldn't get around it before the next hill), so i've been looking into ways to up the horsepower without sacrificing mpgs. Obviously the best way to do this is get rid of weight. Since its a convertible i never use the A/C, so i'm wondering if i can just remove it, or as is often the case with BMWs, is it not that easy? Will i no longer be able to run the defroster if i do? What can i get rid of without compromising other systems? Whats the best way to go about it? What other mods can i make to get my desired result? I should mention that the car is an auto (woe is me) and i only want as much power as the tranny can handle without shortening its life or serious modifications.|||make sure the serpentine belt will not be to long if you remove the AC